Leigh Dundas Live in Franklin, TN

By AFCR - Advocates for Citizens' Rights (other events)

Friday, May 19 2023 6:00 PM 8:00 PM CDT

Freedom and Fire Event


A child prodigy, Leigh Dundas attended college at 14 followed by law school at 17, after which she litigated multi-billion dollar disputes on behalf of the biggest companies in America.

Ten years ago, she left corporate America to become a Human Rights Attorney who went on to successfully fight human trafficking, as well as -- more recently -- the many faces of Covid tyranny: lockdowns, mandates, unlawful terminations, and digital vaccine passports.
Leigh successfully defeated California's digital vaccine passport programs by taking on the county and the state of California, and as well gutted a plan by the County Superintendent to vaccinate -- without parental consent -- public school-enrolled children using experimental gene-altering injections.
Leigh also obtained the termination of several Public Health officials and heads of federal agencies who were destroying lives through unlawful mandates.

Additionally, Leigh was the principal architect behind the People's Convoy in America, which convoy succeeded in early of 2022 in finally re-opening half the states which were still partially locked down. 

As well, Leigh was the organizer behind the Nationwide Walkout -- a massive national strike from November 8-11, 2021 that finally forced the judiciary "off the bench" and into the game ... resulting in a federal court (on Friday of that weeklong strike) holding employer mandates to be unconstitutional. 
Leigh's experience in asymmetrical 5th Generation warfare campaigns is a result of the decade she spent fighting corrupt foreign governments -- and sex traffickers and pedophiles -- in southeast Asia. 

While abroad, Leigh organized undercover former Special Operative agents to gather intel on child brothels, in order to get the sex-trafficked youth help and put the bad guys away, and was acknowledged for her work in 2013 by Congressman Ed Royce -- then head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee -- who appointed her to a congressional committee to combat human trafficking. 

Leigh also helped spearhead anti-money laundering initiatives in order to allow banks to freeze profits of traffickers that were being illegally laundered through their financial institutions, and as well was ran point for the filming of a documentary about the Red Light Jihadi District -- an area of 140 child brothels along the Thai-Malay border which is bombed by jihadi terrorists on a daily basis.